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Saturday, August 1, 2015

What I Experienced with my Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Liposuction of Flanks Days 6-10


By day six, I had already had my first follow up with my plastic surgeon two days prior. He said I was extremely swollen but coming along nicely.  It was time for me to come out of the two hospital issued abdominal binders I was wearing and for me to get into the compression garment I'd purchased prior to surgery.

After the trauma of an abdominoplasty with or without liposuction, your body begins to develop fluid or seroma that needs to be eliminated.  Drains and compression garments aid in the process.

I was given a drainage goal of 30 ml or less for a minimum of two consecutive days in order for my drains to be removed.  My drains were sutured at both ends of my incision, as not to create additional holes.

They were secure; however, they still hurt if snagged or slightly shifted. It is difficult to avoid while dressing and undressing. It is especially challenging when applying or removing a tight ass compression garment.

You must "strip" your drains to prevent clogging.  With one hand, you grip the drains close to where they are sutured.  With the other hand, you squeeze and slide your fingers down the length of the tube to where the fluid collects into a bulb at the end.

After stripping your drains, you empty them into fluid collection cups and record on a log the ml indicated on the cups.

Once emptied, remember to squeeze the air out of the bulbs so the suction process will be most effective as your fluid continues to drain.


I ordered something online from Leonisa in a Large, which seemed to fit comfortably until I slept in it. About 1:00 a.m. it felt like it was cutting the circulation off to my labia and inner thighs.

My best friend took me to Latin Fashion where I got a Stage 2 post surgical compression garment that seemed to provide instant relief. It became uncomfortable at 3:00 a.m. too.

It's as if my thighs swell at night.

I tried a corset I bought from Latin Fashion last August to sleep the rest of the night in.  I decided to wear the full piece compression garment during the day.

Because I was still producing too much fluid, I couldn't have my drains removed.  I began using gauze from my wound care kit to pad myself for comfort.

I had spent over $300 in garments and was still struggling.

Luckily, as I continued wearing the compression garment the less swelling I had and the more comfortable it became.

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