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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Acobox, what took you so long?!

There have been countless times that I have attempted to upload an image. Whether it was on a website, in an email, or on a profile, it ended with most of my attempts failing miserably. If I managed successfully to affix my picture, it was after numerous efforts at re-sizing, changing file types from gif to jpg or the reverse. That's why it is refreshing to come across a website that keeps it simple. For someone like me that knows only the basics in regards to photo manipulation, editing and such, it is a pleasant relief.

As a contributor to the community, I post "How to" articles from time to time and accrue points when images are attached to the posts I make. It's something I do for fun, but often miss out on the maximum points allowable due to frustration; I just nix the images altogether.

Searching the web for images that are free and won't cause a backlash due to intellectual property rights can be a real task. Once I locate a suitable image that matches my text, I have to verify if I have violated any copyright laws. Either, I'm left with the hassle of editing my own photos as previously mentioned, or investigating until I'm satisfied that I'm not stealing from anyone. Other times, I don't even upload an image.

Acobox has eliminated my problems. It was a brilliant idea to create a website like this so that all the people out there looking to easily post images are finally able to do so. The best part is that it doesn't cost a cent. No more searching the internet for "free images" and no more extra research. is my only stop for my free photos and other images. All I have left to say is, "Acobox, what took you so long?!"

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