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Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Keep Your Woman from Cheating on You

This article was written in response to the article at the following link:

Keep Your Man from Cheating on You

This is the extended version denied publishing access anywhere else on the web.

Notice More:
Understand that while women appreciate you noticing and appreciating our curves, we have far more to offer you. Take interest in more than your woman's big breast-ta-siss, slender waistline and bodacious behind. Listen to what she likes and try encouraging her when she reveals where her passion lies. Supporting her endeavors through subtle but probing conversation can be all it takes for her to share with you instead of that other dude willing to lend a listening ear.

Hey Good Lookin':
Keep up your appearances or reconsider the standard you may have placed on your woman to meet. We like a tight body too, so make sure your physique is at least comparable to ours. No eight-pound babies have stretched out your tummy and been expelled from your precious treasure box, so what's your excuse?

Cook for your lady, occasionally will do. Simple meals that you put an effort into will be truly appreciated and not taken for granted. Even Hamburger Helper with a ready-made salad and brown -n- serve rolls, presented nicely with her favorite beverage (alcoholic or non), will leave her thrilled. Just don't burn it. Be attentive.

Know Her:
On date night, arrange to get together at a place she can enjoy. Whether it's Red Lobster or the Chart House, if she's allergic to shellfish, the date is doomed to end the same way-- with a trip to the emergency room and a shot of Epinephrine. Know your lady, gentleman. Pay attention.

Not Yet:
Don't climax before your lady does and then soup her head up by telling her it's how she's built, her walls are too tight or it's just so good. While all that may be true (Kegels), if it happens often, you need to use other methods to bring her to where she's already taken you. If your inability to pace yourself becomes enough of a problem, seek a medical professional. 'Nuff said.

Oral Pleasures:
You want some sensational oral pleasures, well so do we. Some women love ample clitoral manipulation while others appreciate indirect stimulation. Lips as well as tongue should be incorporated into your oral performance skill set. Lift up her nightgown and approach it from behind. Try yanking your woman by the thighs, sliding her to the corner of the bed and go at it. Listen, you like enthusiastic head, so do some of us. Sop it up, make it sound like you love it and we'll return the favor.

Final Note:
The moral of this response article is: If you do all you can to keep her into you, she won't cheat. If she still needs something from someone elsewhere, it's not you. Let her go because it's simply out of your control.