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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Drain Removal is a Big Step toward Healing After Tummy Tuck


I skirted over the drain removal a bit. Let's get real.  The first one Doc removed had been irritating me for a couple of days because I snagged it coming out of my compression garment.  I assumed it would smart when he removed it and I was instructed to breathe deeply.

So, I'm lying on the table, fists clenched, holding my breath.  I feel a strange sensation as the tube is traveling through my body and out my side but No pain!  This gave me a false sense of security.  I assumed that my entire experience would be pain-free.

Okay, so he gets to the other side, which had been the problematic side for me from the very beginning. Constant irritation with or without snags up until the left side decided to take its place just days prior to removal.  I thought I was in the clear because it hadn't been the thorn in my side for a couple of days. That was an incorrect assessment on my part.

Doctor Jonas Nelson proceeded to snip my sutures and begin to extract my right drain and it Sizzled like rubbing alcohol being poured into an open wound without someone to blow on it.  It burned like acid the entire time he pulled and it seemed like it took 3 times as long to come out. Along with the tube came drainage that oozed out of my side.  He had to do some extra cleaning and padding.

I wanted to tell him to "Blow! Blow on it!" But instead, I made that air sucking between your teeth sound when something burns like that. I'm surprised I didn't cuss.  It was over in a couple of minutes.

After the removal, I could immediately stand up straighter.  I had more pep in my step. Although, I experienced cramping and tenderness in areas I had previously had none, it was a big step towards healing.

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