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Friday, October 2, 2009

My husband isn't leaving me, I'm pushing him out the door

We’ve known one another since childhood. He says he knew when we were ten that I was the girl for him. I didn’t know it then, and I sometimes struggle with it now. But something keeps us bound. Something beyond the marriage license and the kids because “we” were before “they” grew in number. I believe that “something” is fear.

The most difficult part about marrying your highschool sweetheart is that you grow up together and in growing up together, you sometimes grow apart. The desire for life outside of your long time buddy starts to inundate your world. Wanting to break free may be brushed off as a fleeting thought if fear is what holds you back from moving forward in a different direction.

My husband has a dream, and he wants to follow it. For as far back as I can remember, my spouse has been fascinated with history. Thrilled with all that came before us, he spends hours reading historical novels and viewing special documentaries on the History Channel. At his insistence, we’ve taken family trips to museums. His second passion, very closely matched to the first, is the military.

At the ripe young age of thirty-one, my man wants to become a soldier. Technically, he wants to utilize his expertise as a professional truck driver for military detail; nonetheless, he wants to fulfill his dream. In serving his country, he will serve his life’s purpose. Ultimately, he wants to study constitutional law and feels the government can help him accomplish this goal.

I was lucky enough to realize early on what my purpose is. I am a writer and I share my mind with the masses. He has recently been encouraging me to complete my first novel and to continue to hone my craft through writing informative articles and publishing creative pieces online. Pushing my fear to the side is the only way I can achieve my vision. My fear shouldn’t comprise him from achieving his.

I may not agree with his dream, but it is his dream. I know enough to know I cannot stand in the way of something so important to him. Fear is not a good enough excuse for my opposition, so I'm doing my best to understand and be supportive.

So like I said before, my husband isn’t leaving me, I’m pushing him out the door.

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charice said...

I absolutely love this post. Although I am not married, I can still relate and learned a great deal from the post. We must support our mates which I believe in turn makes the bond even stronger.

Robin Jessie-Green said...

Thanks for your comment. You wouldn't want someone standing in the way of your dreams, so why be an obstacle along their pathway?